Creative cuisine during Coronavirus times - beyond recipes: common sense and guide lines to you by a trusted like sister.

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Creative cuisine during Coronavirus times - beyond recipes: common sense and guide lines to you by a trusted like sister.

Hallo dear MK readers, how is life going?

...OK - reserve question?... 
I surely know the answer.

Sooo... how can we optimise our time at home while the pandemic is ongoing?
We can take the chance to create new recipes, and/or dust off some old family recipes.

First of all! 
I recommend anyone to stay home!
And I wish you a safe stay at home.
ONLY cautious outs, for strictly indispensable reasons.

When you go to buy food, please, remember that we have potentially enough goods for everyone, and if we take a little of what we need, we let others have the chance to buy food for themselves too.
.....................NO PANIC!

Enjoy more your HOME, for the realisation of which years of sacrifices have been made by most people, FEEL IT, lay on a couch, have that relaxing cup of tea with those delicious biscuits, rediscover the ties with your family members within the four walls, converse with distant relatives and friends via *hi-tech devices if you need, [*however I advise you to unplug from the excessive use of cell phones, computers, televisions ...] better listen to the radio or your favorite music, devote yourself to DIY (bricolage), to your animal friends care, renew your beauty look, read, play music, compose poems and verses, write a diary, browse pages of old photo albums to remember beautiful memories, take care of plants and flowers, put the spaces in the house in order, dedicate yourself to the pictorial, sculptural arts, mold objects with clay, work out, ... etc, etc. ...

Not last!!!
Lift your heads up and watch the night skies!!!
A long time has passed since the last time I remember seeing the clear starry sky!
many celestial bodies are visible to the naked eye, it is so enchanting!

On the other hand, this makes us reflect on how much our health is put at risk by pollution and how much a forced stop, although for another reason, was vital.

Sometimes there is a "positive downside" to the drama that society experiences; a time to find oneself, to meditate, to introspect. 
Deprivation is enriching; from a collective evil, good is reborn for Mother Earth Who takes a breath of relief. 

We all have to contribute to the improvement of our society and make ourselves an active and responsible part positively towards ourselves and our neighbor.
We are tempered and a diligent example.
We will be rewarded for it, even if it will take time.

Thank you for spending your time in this reading.

So, after this introductive note, I want to spend some useful time with you all and post some of my latest makings.
A hug from physical and virtual security distance!
Glad you choose this little and felt space of mine!
Let me organise the pics, procedures and we will re-read again soon!

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