RAVIOLI (with vegetables stuffing)

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RAVIOLI (with vegetables stuffing)

Dear You All, Hallooo!

How are you spending your time at home while the COVID-19 virus wanders?

It took me some time to choose the images, the procedures I did while I have cooked, the tools used, the blood group meals indication...

So, for those of You who are visiting this page and have been waiting for news since my latest post... 
Thanks for being patients!!!

I think this collage will be helpful when you decide to replicate the recipe! 

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You will hear from me real soon, in the meanwhile, enjoy this!

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RAVIOLI (with vegetables stuffing)
RAVIOLI (with vegetables stuffing)

. For the Ravioli dough:
♦ 100gr.durum wheat semolina flour;
♦ 2 whole eggs;
♦ Extra Virgin Oil (1-2 soup spoons);
♦ Turmeric Powder (1 pinch);
♦ Himalayan Rose Salt (2 pinches).
. Useful tools:
A scale for weighing flour, 1 bowl, 1 wooden spoon to mix the dough, 1 rolling pin, 1 pastry, 1 pasta cutter wheel, 

RAVIOLI (with vegetables stuffing)

. For the stuffing:
♦ 250gr. Chicory (previously cooked) ;
♦ Parmesan Cheese (15-20grs circa);
♦ Extra Virgin Oil (1 soup spoon);
♦ Himalayan Rose Salt (1 pinch);
♦ Minced Garlic (a dusting).

Other useful tools:
1 immersion blender and its plastic glass (for blending vegetables), 1 grater or a knife to create Parmesan flakes, 1 spoon to pour the creamy stuffing and 1 common container to place it.

Put the flour inside a bowl and create a hole in the middle, add 2 eggs, turmeric powder, rose salt, a little olive oil and use the wooden spoon to mix.
As the dough gets solid and round, place a pastry on a flat surface, put the dough on it and use a rolling pin to roll it out. Make it rather thin and let it rest.
In the meanwhile . . .
If you, as me, already have precooked chicory, use it as stuffing for ravioli.
Remove excess water left from previous cooking, put the chicory inside a plastic glass, add some Parmesan cheese in flakes, olive oil, rose salt, minced garlic, use the immersion blender to reduce all the ingredients in cream and let it rest. Move the mixture into any suitable container. Take small chicory quantities each time you pick from the container and start forming small round like pieces of stuffing.
Take the rolled out sheet of dough, leave it open on the flat surface and measure it all by eye, so as to calculate its exact half plus a few centimeters, on whose surface you will fold and place over the stuffing.
Before that, get your fingertips wet and use them to moisten the underlying layer of pastry, add the stuffing at regular intervals, placed in two distinct rows, leaving the margins free to allow the sheet to close with the upper layer that acts as a "lid". Once it was covered and sealed with the help of water with the upper layer, use your fingers to press the pastry around each stuffing. Take a pasta cutter wheel and let it go around, between one stuffing and another, delimiting every single ravioli that is now being forged. And do the same between one row and another, dividing it in 2 halves.
The effect of the passage of the wheel between one stuffing and the other, makes the individual pieces self-detaching, therefore, with the help of your hands, to separate them, you will have obtained the finished ravioli! Olè!

Now they can be left a little to rest, then be cooked.

I chose to cook them in a pan with some water instead that in the usual pot, as I wanted to see if I could save some water and gas for cooking as, in a pan, it takes less water, more spread, to cook.
I attach my experiment.

Well, that's it.
I hope you loved this.
I'll be back soon...hope.
:Many Positive Vibrations:


*Appropriate Recommendations:*

Check the foods quality, according to your blood group type.

Chicory is:
BENEFICIAL for groups ZERO, A, B, AB.

Durum Wheat Semolina Flour is:

(*) NOT RECOMMENDED for groups ZERO, A, B, AB.
(*) use as little as possible or substitute with other cereals/legumes flours.


Parmesan Cheese is:
(*) NOT RECOMMENDED for groups ZERO, A, B, AB.
(*) use in small quantities

Egg is:
BENEFICIAL for groups ZERO, A, B, AB.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is:
NEUTRAL for groups ZERO, B
BENEFICIAL for groups A, AB.

Turmeric is:
NEUTRAL for groups A, B, AB.

Himalayan Rose Salt is:
NEUTRAL for groups ZERO, A, B, AB.

Minced Garlic is:
BENEFICIAL for groups A(*), AB.
NEUTRAL for groups , B
! Group
 ZERO (**)

(**) Note: not available for group zero,
better take small doses, it could irritate the stomach.

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